Laura Ioana V.


music, concerts, events.

Mostly focused on music photography, I am currently part of the in-house photography team at the venue VEGA Copenhagen and a contributing photographer for the danish online magazine Bands of Tomorrow, getting involved in the concert and festival scene as much as I can.


Minimalist lines, geometric compositions and sharp corners. My formal education being architecture, one of my favourite subjects to shoot is natutally that, architecture.



A collection of experimentations with the human expression. My portraits are definitely different than the other work I do, but it’s always nice to challenge myself and have other people involved in the artistic process.


Film photography has definitely changed the way I shoot when the result isn’t immediate. the process begins to slow down, has more meaning and more thought behind, which makes analog one of my preffered ways of experiementing with photography and catching my favourite moments.  


Sometimes around restaurants and street food markets of Copenhagen, sometimes somewhere else.

photography and lino prints.
Laura also does other artsy things, like photo prints, lino prints and ceramics, for prices and details follow the link.


+45 91 19 14 79

based in.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Laura Ioana V.

Architect, photographer and visual creator based in Copenhagen, Denmark focused on delivering high quality graphics in a variety of mediums.

With a background in architecture and design, I frequently experiment with a variety of visual expressions, photography taking up a big part of this experimentation.

This website is a limited display of my favourite photography projects.

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